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445+ Best Attitude Captions and Quotes for Instagram

Attitude Captions for Instagram

Attitude Captions for Instagram

I’m not your menu, either choose me or lose me.
It’s okay to be a glowstick, sometimes we need to break before we can shine.
I don’t care if someone don’t like me, I’m not living to entertain them.
The biggest slap to your haters is your success.
Keep your attitude like the underwear, always wear it but don’t show to anyone.
I am who I am today because of the choice I made yesterday.
Show me your true love in real life, not through whatsapp status.
Keep your head straight and live your life as your own wish.
I keep a smile on my face even while going through hell, that’s my attitude.
80% of boys have girlfriends, Rest 20% have brain.
It’s better to have nothing, instead of a bad attitude.
Hey, I just found your nose and it’s all up in my business again.
Don’t play with me, I’m not a game, means, I’m not interesting.
I don’t insult anyone, I just tell them the reality.
If life gives you lemons, add vodka and have the best party of your life.
Don’t be heartless, try to use your heart less.
My attitude and style is a bit different, if you will try to destroy, you will be destroyed.
I’m silent but don’t play with me, you may not be able to play games anymore.
Those who ever ignored me, I never disturbed them again.
I’m sorry to disturb you, but I think oxygen is more important, so I can live without you.
If being Hot is a Crime, then here’s #1 criminal in the world.
I’m a good person, but people give the reason to show my evil side.
I’m handsome, no ands, buts or ifs.
I am clever enough to know that I am clever.
A Tiger feels it better to lose than to be a winner on a race of dogs.
Smartness is in my face, which is lacking in your whole personality.
I will either find a way or make one myself.
My name is nobody, and people says nobody is perfect, hence proved, I’m perfect.
People call my goals are unrealistic, I say that’s my attitude.
I do what’s best for me, so I dont need your opinion.

Cool Attitude Captions

I didn’t change, I just found myself.
Only I can change my own life.
My attitude is a virus that’s well worth catching.
No alarm clock needed. My passion wakes me up.
I’m sorry if you don’t understand my level of thinking.
I’m making yesterday jealous by making today awesome!
No explanation needed. I know I’m right.
Treat me well and I’ll double the favor.
Never underestimate me because I am more than you think.
Don’t try me. My bad side ain’t pleasant.
If you’re testing my waters, you better know how to swim.
Don’t study me. You won’t graduate.
Judge me when you’re perfect.
You attitude is like a price tag. It shows how valuable you are.
The version of me you created in your mind is not my responsibility.
I’m a vibe you can’t just find anywhere.
I’m awesome and your opinion doesn’t matter.
Betray me once, I’ll boycott you for life.
They said I couldn’t, so I did.
A mighty warrior conquers all!
I am who I am, not who the world wants to be.
I’m the reason why you have eyes. Come on, take a look.
My attitude is my kind of fashion.
Life’s not a race but I’m still taking first place.
Never do anything for free if you’re good at it.
I don’t like to take the right decision, I take decisions and make them right.
I’m only responsible for what I said, not for what you understood.
I don’t have time to hate anyone, I have many more things to do in life.
Those who can’t effort to talk at your front, are the one who barks at your back.
I pray that my enemies live long enough to see me succeed.

Short Attitude Captions for Instagram

I respectfully don’t care.
Be good, do good, look good.
He who dares, wins.
Kindness is so gangster.
Be fast or be last.
Down to earth, but still above you.
Sexy people live sexy lives.
Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it.
Inhale positivity, exhale anxiety.
I’m aware that I’m rare.
Never busy but always productive.
My attitude is taller than you.
I always bring my own sunshine.
Come on, haters! Motivate me more.
Just killing it as always.
Be anything but predictable.
A man of steel.
Don’t stop until you’re proud.
A hot dude with a cool attitude.
I am unapologetically myself.
Cool head, warm heart.
Be you. The world will adjust.
My life. My rules. My attitude.
It’s the will, not the skill.
Kinda care, kinda don’t.
I am my own boss.
Learn to do things alone.
Trust me, I know what I’m doing.
I’m a gentleman with class.
Less talk, less mistakes.