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38+ PlayBoi Carti Captions for Instagram

PlayBoi Carti Captions for Instagram

Diamonds on me shinin’, look like Fruit Loop.
I’d rather not talk about it, just do that sh.
I’m ready to pull up. All of my diamonds they glowin’.
Everything good, you know what I’m sayin’?
I could make an opp disappear like magic.
Hurt your feelings with the price. Everythin’ come with a price.
I feel like I have something to prove. I’m just not this cool fashion kid that be around ASAP Rocky.
I didn’t have Cartier. I didn’t have Gucci, Louis, none of that.
I want everyone to remember me as just a mogul.
Yeah I know what you’re saying is the truth.
You know love is what you need..I got exactly what you need.
All these racks in the bank, yeah, yeah Spent a hundred bands in the mall, don’t care.
I don’t walk with no one…Hit it once then I’m done.
I drop my demons out. Where my mind.
Just dropped a fifty on my jeweler. And told him make sure it’s shiny.
I got gold money and I bought myself a Aston.
I keep the blicky, blicky just in case they try me.
I just need some confirmation on how you feel, for real.
We ain’t got time, I drown my demons out.
Everybody rock with me because I’m up now.
I’m the type of guy that always respect the older rappers who paved the way for us to get here.
As an artist, you always want to never forget where you come from.
Ween got time, I drown my demons out, clear my minnn.
Ever since you got some money you been frontin’ on me.
Ah, when I’m right there the night gets better.
I guess she not feelin me… not feelin the energy.
My loyalty is something you never have to question, I ride for mine.
We pop right by the curb, they can’t tell it.
Lamborghini parked outside, it’s purple like lean.
I say something ain’t worth it, ain’t wastin’ my time.