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334+ Winter Captions and Quotes for Instagram

32+ Winter Captions for Instagram

Winter Captions for Instagram

Winter: Hate it while it’s here; miss it when it’s gone.
Go out there and earn your hot cocoa.
One step closer to summer.
I only have ice for you.
I’ve never met a frozen lake I didn’t like!
Figure-eighting my way through winter.
Frosty mornings and toasty mugs.
Someone’s on thin ice.
We go together like winter and a sweater.
I’ll be wearing these sweatpants all winter long.
Say freeze!
One kind word can warm three winter months.
Take some advice from winter and chill out.
There are only two seasons: winter and baseball.
They who sing through the summer must dance in the winter.
Winter magic!
Turning snowflakes into snow cones.
Skate like no one is watching.
I wasn’t made for winter.
Warming up by the fire.
Keep calm and winter on!
To ski or not to ski… duh.
All about that winter white.
Who needs wings when you have skis?
Walking in a winter wonderland.
O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?
Fairy lights on winter nights.
Ready to give winter the cold shoulder.
My favorite color is evergreen.
Ready for some hot cocoa!

Funny Winter Captions for Instagram

Warning: Reindeer Crossing
Mittens, schmittens.
My favorite outdoor activity is going back inside.
Does shivering count as exercise?
It’s never too cold for ice cream.
My nose is froze.
Nothing burns like the cold.
Ice, ice, baby!
Baby, it’s cold outside!
Brrrrring on the snow.
Brace yourselves, winter is coming.
Don’t crowd the plow.
Powder to the people.
Feeling blessed and sweater-obsessed.
Winter essentials: hot cocoa and fuzzy socks.
It’s a beautiful day to go outside and remind myself why I stay inside.
Dear Snuggie, I’m sorry for all the times I made fun of you.
Every mile is two in winter.
Lots of layers!
I can’t feel my toes!
Winter hibernation mode on.
Winter: My new excuse for drinking more coffee.
The only word I know right now is ‘brrr.’
It’s snow laughing matter.
Eat, drink, and be cozy.
Verrrry winteresting…
I glove you.
Icy what you did there!
Sorry, I can't. I'm hibernating.
I don't go outside when the temperature is lower than my age.

Cold Weather Captions for Instagram

Cold! If the thermometer had been an inch longer we’d have frozen to death.
It’s so good to feel the sweaters hugging your shivering body.
Don't ever let someone tell you it's too cold for iced coffee.
Sugar and ice and everything nice.
Freeze the day.
Snow boots and ice and nothing is nice.
The temperature can only go up from here.
Cold weather gives me an excuse to drink more coffee.
Scarves, mittens, and hats are a great way to express your personality in the cold weather.
PSA: My nice side will be in hibernation until winter is over.
Wake me up when it’s summer.
Today’s forecast: Holy crap I can’t feel my face degrees.
This weather is snow joke.
Feeling my fuzzy socks.
Have an ice day!
Frozen fingers and eskimo kisses.
Hot chocolate is like a hug from the inside.
Stay cool.
Feeling frosty.
Cold hands, warm heart.
It’s cold; let’s cuddle.