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51 Best Shy Captions for Instagram (2021 Update)

Shy Captions for Instagram

If you think shy, you act shy.
A woman's best jewellery is her shyness.
Believe in your flyness…conquer your shyness.
I’m very shy, I feel very awkward.
I'm shy. Until you get to know me.
I've always felt a bit weird, very shy.
I'm shy, although I'm not shy with my friends and family.
I've always known my own mind, and I'm not shy about speaking it.
I still have shy qualities but nobody would believe that.
I'm very shy in real life; I can't really hit on girls.
I'm a bit shy, I suppose, and a bit lazy.
Off stage, Im very quiet and very reserved and kind of shy.
Kids are shy and they often don't want to make eye contact or say “thank you.”
Traveling is the only passion that doesn't need to feel shy in front of intellect.
Acting attracts shy people and show-offs.
I'm quite shy, so I hate seeing my private life splashed over the papers.
Love comes with a knife, not some shy question, and not with fears for its reputation!
I have seldom been described as shy.
A shy face is better than a forward heart.
My feelings are too loud for words and too shy for the world.
I have reason to be shy. I've been hurt plenty.
If I have a crush on you, I’ll be shy as hell! I swear won’t even look at you.
I’ve gotten better at not making people feel uncomfortable with my shyness.
I am extremely shy. I am not happy in crowds of people.
There is nothing that makes us feel more lonely than our shyness.
I really like people but my shyness makes me feel awkward around them.
I was not used to shy. I was used to shame.
Believe that you can, yes you can say no to shyness.
Shyness is only the effect of a sense of inferiority in some way or other.
All the shy people are doomed! Natural selection favors the loud and the aggressive.