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58 Short Happy Captions for Instagram (2021 Update)

Short Happy Captions for Instagram

Happiness is… my time.
Finding joy in the ordinary.
Yay, just yay!
Be happy always.
Happiness is a how; not a what.
A happy life is bliss.
We’re happy because we laugh.
I need an happy hour, can’t wait.
It’s time to be happy again.
Independence is happiness.
Simplicity makes me happy.
Worry less; smile more.
Who cares? I’m awesome!
This is me, enjoying life.
Peace begins with a smile.
Omg. Look at me!!
Living the life I imagined.
I’m fine, I’m just happy!
Happiest when floating in Sea.
Happiness is a warm puppy.
Don’t worry, Beach Happy!
Be happy for this moment.
Expect little, enjoy more.
Smiling while I still have teeth.
Happy is the new rich.
Just be happy with yourself.
The future is bright.
Miles of smiles.
Happy thoughts, happy life.