Lil Wayne lyrics as captions

47 Best Lil Wayne lyrics as captions for Instagram [NEW IG CAPTIONS]

Lil Wayne’s lyrics as captions for Instagram: So you’ve captured a lit photo and want a lit caption for it. Lil Wayne’s songs lyrics are the easiest and the best option available when it comes to Instagram captions.

young Weezy’s lyrics have always been great for Instagram captions
They are small in length but have exceptional meaning in them.
They are catchy, mostly small in length and best for killer IG captions. We have collected some of the best Instagram captions from Lil Wayne’s (New and old) songs.
All these captions are classy and perfect for Instagram.

lil wayne lyrics as captions
lil Wayne lyrics as captions

Lil Wayne’s lyrics as Instagram captions.

  1. “I’m a cool cat, but I’m on life nine”.

  2. “I’m so official all I need is a whistle”.

  3. “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna”.

  4. “Life is a beach, I’m just playing in the sand”.

  5. “I told myself, “Its just you and I”.
  6. “Too hot, too lit, too high to move”.
  7. “You’re a tough guy, that’s enough jokes”.
  8. “Money over b****es, and above h**s; That is still my favourite love quote”.
  9. “I speak the truth but I guess that’s a foreign language to Y’all”.
  10. “I’ve been fly so long I fell asleep on the f*cking plane”.
    lil wayne lyrics as captions
    lil wayne lyrics as captions

    Lil Wayne’s lyrics as Amazing Instagram captions.

  11. “Well if life’s a bitch then mine’s a gold digger”.
  12. “I’m good, I’m 100 like a fastball”.
  13. “Weezy transform a good girl to a freak”.
  14. “I’m down like the economy”.
  15. “Big ballin’ is my hobby”.
  16. “The money is the motive”.
  17. “I don’t need it to be easy. I just want it to be worth it”.
  18. “I’m blessed and I thank God for every day for everything that happens for me”.
  19. “Hate is only a form love that hasn’t found a way to express itself logically.”
  20. “We’re here to live. We’re here to do, we’re here to be.”

    lil wayne lyrics as captions
    lil wayne lyrics as captions
  21. “Yeah b***h I’m paid, that’s all I gotta say.”
  22. “If you got money, and you know it. Take it out your pocket and show it.”
  23. “Swagger so bright I don’t even need light.”
  24. “Try me and I’ll have you people reading eulogies.”
  25. “Baby I’m the sh*t and that’s the only thing you smell around me”
    lil wayne lyrics as captions
    lil wayne lyrics as captions

    Lil Wayne’s lyrics as Killer Ig captions.

  26. ” Kiss my ass, call that kiss and tell.”
  27. “Life is such a f*cking roller coaster then it drops, but what should I scream for? This is my theme park.”
  28. “Stay in your own lane, seat buckled”
  29. “If I taught you some shit, that’s like Harvard, lil’ bitch”
  30. “Tunechi tune a lunatic, my goonie goons the gooniest “
  31. “Planet of the aches, and she is my prescription / We out of this world, baby, we have been evicted”
  32. “Long hair, don’t care, she handle the business and don’t ever tell / She bite the bullet and cough up the shells”
  33. “And some people say I changed but they can’t hear me jingle” 
  34. “I am a vegetarian man I only eat beets / wear a lot of carats and I smoke the best green”
  35. “You think you’re calling shots, you got the wrong number / I love Benjamin Franklin more than his own mother”

    lil wayne lyrics as captions
    lil wayne lyrics as captions
  36. “Feet hanging out the window jock my shoe game / Cause all my kicks fly like Liu Kang”
  37. “Diamond face, diamond brace / More colors than the game Simon Says”
  38. “So much for being optimistic / They say love is in the air, so I / Hold my breath until my face turn purple”
  39. “Married to the game, but she broke her vows / That’s why my bars are full of broken bottles / And my nightstands are full of open Bibles”
  40. “I keep on switching wifeys / You gotta Uncle Phil me.”

    Lil Wayne lyrics as captions

  41. “Billion-dollar smile, I sell myself short if I grin”

  42.             “Yellow diamonds up close, catch a sun stroke”
  43. “Should I get off my high horse to get on my flying horses?”

  44. “I’m speedin’ past in the newest, soft top like the Jewish”

  45. “If you don’t know I’m the answer, you should kill who you been askin'”

    lil wayne lyrics as captions
    lil wayne lyrics as captions
  46. “Long as my bitches love me, I can give a fuck ’bout no niggas”

  47. “And these hoes love me like Satan, man”



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