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53 Best Mehndi Captions for Instagram (2021 Update)

Mehndi Captions for Instagram

I love mehndi, and he loves these hands.
Looking at hands without mehndi is a different type of pain.
“Who hurt you?” “My light stained mehndi”
Be in her mehndi, not in her scars.
The reason why I keep my mehndi to myself is that people won’t understand the design.
I’d rather put mehndi than get a tattoo.
Putting on mehndi is cheaper than going to therapy.
Put on mehndi for yourself, not for anybody else.
I don’t care what you think of my mehndi. If I like it, I like it.
You make me feel things I can’t draw with my mehndi.
Happiness is looking at dark stained mehndi.
A smile and dark stained mehndi are the most beautiful makeups a bride can wear.
There are moments you can’t put into words, just decorate it with mehndi.
Can attending mehndi ceremonies be a profession already, please?
I lied when I said I don’t like putting mehndi.
Mehndi will come and go, but henna stays forever.
Life is short, make every mehndi count.
Why cry when you can put mehndi instead?
People keep telling me my mehndi will come off, but that’s the saddest part.
She video-called him and showed him her mehndi, he smiled and adored by his eyes.
Quarantine and mehndi is the best combination ever.
Keep calm and put your mehndi on.
The love we share will make her mehndi look so beautiful.
In the end, all I want is somebody who understands my love for mehndi.
I’d rather put mehndi than cook dinner.
It’s mehndi party time, somebody hands me the henna.
There’s so much to look at, but the only thing you see is her mehndi.
I love being the reason behind your bridal mehndi.
If the love I have for you wasn’t as true, the color of your mehndi wouldn’t be as dark.
The true beauty of the bride lies in the mehndi in her hands.